Jeff Tomsic (director)

Jeff Tomsic is a film producer, writer and director from the United States, know for his comedic work in both film and television. His feature film directorial debute was the movie Tag, which premiered in 2018.

In 2010, he directed the 4 minute long musical film Tickle Monsters ARE Robots!. Tomsic’s short film I’m Having a Difficult Time Killing my Parents debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011, after which he was attached to several film projects that never came to fruition. Simultaneously, he worked as a director and executive producer on the Comedy Central TV-series Idiotsitter and This is Not Happening.

Tomsic is also behind multiple episodes of the critically acclaimed scripted series Broad City and the TBS comedy series The Detour.


Idiotsitter is a Comedy Central sitcom starring its creators Jillian Bell (who plays Gene Russel) and Charlotte Newhouse (who plays Billie Brown).

The show follows Brown, a recent Harvard graduate who, desperate for money, accepts a nanny position with a rich family in Los Angeles. The ”child” that she is supposed to watch turns out to be Russel, an young adult woman who has been placed under house arrest.

Idiotsitter premiered in the form of a web series on Comedy Central’s CC: Studios in February 2014. It was then picked up for a run on television, with the first TV-episode being show on Comedy Central in Januari 2016. A second season, comprised of seven episodes, was aired in the form of a two-part marathon on June 10 and June 17, respectively, in 2017.

While the web episodes were only 6 minutes each, the television episodes were the standard 22 minutes.

In general, Idiotsitter recived favorable reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, Season 1 of the TV-series holds an 89% approval rating, based on nine reviews with an average rating of 7.25/10.

This is Not Happening

This is Not Happening is a Comedy Central storytelling series featuring a roster of comedians who recount outrageous true life tales in front of a live audience. The show was originally hosted by Ari Shaffir, who was later replaced by Roy Wood Jr for the fourth season.

So far, four seasons has aired on Comedy Central.

Season Number of episodes Originally aired
1 8 January – March 2015
2 8 February – April 2016
3 10 October – December 2016
4 18 February 2018 – March 2019

This is Not Happening started out as a live show, before becomming a web show, and then a TV-show. The first season to air on TV (in January – March 2015) was Comedy Central’s first ever series to be adapted from CC’s digital department to the CC cable network.

Works directed by Jeff Tomsic

2018 The Degenerates (TV Series) (2018)

2018 Tag (Feature film)

2017 T.J. Miller: Meticulously Ridiculous (TV Special)

2016 Wrecked (TV Series)

  • Tomsic directed the 2016 episode Tubthumping.

2016 Big Jay Oakerson: Live at Webster Hall (TV Special)

2016 The Detour (TV Series)

  • Tomsic directed four episodes in 2016: The Beach, The Track, The Wedding, and The B&B.

2014-2016 Idiotsitter (TV Series)

Tomsic directed twelve episodes:

  • Finale (2016)
  • GED Prom (2016)
  • Fumigation (2016)
  • Hos Before Bros (2016)
  • Funeral (2016)
  • Pilot (2016)
  • The Ex-Boyfriend (2014)
  • Fight Day (2014)
  • Happy Birthday (2014)
  • Father/Daughter Talk (2014)
  • Sundae Bloody Sunday (2014)
  • The Interview (2014)

2015 Steve Rannazzisi: Breaking Dad (TV Special)

2015 Good at Life (TV Movie)

2015 Broad City (TV Series)

  • Tomsic directed two episodes in 2015: Coat Check and Hashtag FOMO

2015 This Is Not Happening (TV Series)

2014 Crazy House (TV Movie)

2014 Kurt Metzger: White Precious (TV Special documentary)

2014 Comedy Underground with Dave Attell (TV Series)

  • Tomsic directed eight episodes in 2014: Episode 1.1 to 1.8.

2013-2014 This Is Not Happening (TV Series)

Tomsic directed 26 episodes:This Is Not Happening

  • Ari Shaffir Gets Lucky Twice (2014)
  • Kumail Nanjiani Tries Hard to Be Cool (2014)
  • Jeff Dye Might Still Go to Jail for This NFL Heist (2014)
  • Steve Rannazzisi Referees Bobby Lee, Natasha Leggero & Ari Shaffir (2014)
  • Fortune Feimster Hates Spain (2014)
  • Trevor Moore Escapes from Mexico (2014)
  • David Koechner Poops on a Cop Car (2013)
  • Joey Diaz’s Mom Starts a Fight (2013)
  • Moshe Kasher Offends Some Jews (2013)
  • Kurt Braunohler Beats Up a DJ (2013)
  • Joe Ran Meets a Crazy Stripper (2013)
  • Big Jay Oakerson Sees Some Boobs (2013)
  • Ari Shaffir Fights a Girl (2013)
  • Ari Shaffir Visits a Strip Club (2013)
  • Jackie Clarke Has an Affair (2013)
  • The Walsh Bros Meet a Pervert (2013)
  • Doug Benson Gets Naked (2013)
  • Tom Segura Overdoses (2013)
  • Joey Diaz Does Heroin (2013)
  • Jon Huck Loses His Pants (2013)
  • Harley Morenstein Parties Too Hard (2013)
  • Kyle Kinane Almost Gets Killed (2013)
  • Julia Lillis Will Do Literally Anything for Love (2013)
  • Sean Patton Gets Gay Bashed (2013)
  • Ari Shaffir Does Drugs (2013)
  • TJ Miller Has a Seizure (2013)

2013 Pet Intervention (TV Series)

2012 RVC: The Lone Shopping Network (TV Series)

  • Tomsic directed two episodes in 2012: An RVC Stalker and The Lone Shopping Network

2011 Tmi (Video short)

2011 Underpassed (Short film)

2011 Mancations (TV Series) (1 episode)

  • Tomsic directed one episode in 2011: Space Camp – Huntsville, Arizona

2011 Carly Craig’s Sexy Photoshoot for Maxim (Short)

2011 I’m Having a Difficult Time Killing My Parents (Short film)

2010 Tickle Monsters ARE Robots! (Short film)

2010 Stereotypical 80’s Movie Gangs (Short film)

2010 Abbey Is Silly (Short film)

2010 Screen Saviors (TV Series)

  • Tomsic directed two episodes in 2010: Episode one and two.

2009 Handjobs for the Future (Short film)

2008 Pete and Brian Have Fun (TV Series)

  • Tomsic directed three episodes in 2008: Episode one, two and three.

2007 Road to the VMAs (TV Series)